San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 

Time Frame

Year Round

Group Size

12-18 participants


Trekking, Navigation, Route Finding, Backpacking, Mountaineering, Canyoneering, Tent Camping, Cooking within teams, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, and Mountain Biking

For one week, participants will travel to the Chilean Altiplano in the Atacama Desert for an adventure down in the canyons and high up on mountain peaks. Known as the driest desert in the world,  Atacama is characterized by its unique wildlife, winding slot canyons, vast plains, and high volcanic peaks. Teams will work together to navigate and route find through slot canyons and onto the desert plains to set up camp before nightfall each day.  The expedition can lead teams to a summit attempt of a 17,000 ft. mountain with incredible views of nearby mountain peaks. Mountain biking, rock climbing and rappelling are unique ways to explore the many types of terrain in the Atacama Desert.