Leadership Expedition

A Leadership Expedition is a structured learning environment through which participants improve their leadership and teamwork skills. The goal is to provide them with opportunities to work in teams, to lead groups of their peers, and to get a hands-on experience in leadership. Participants are taken into an environment with which they are not familiar and where information and resources are limited, typically, given our expertise in the field, in the outdoors. This environment is used to provide numerous and more importantly, genuine, leadership and team challenges for the participants. These situations require forward-thinking, rapid decision-making, conflict management and excellent communication skills. They require a bias for action and creativity.



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Vertical is responsible for the logistics, content and development of the experience. Programs can focus on instilling values through a combination of teamwork and community service activities, enhancing tolerance to uncertainty and adversity by trekking in rainy Patagonia to fine-tuning their communication skills on a glacier crossing in Antarctica. Vertical can custom design expeditions in unique locations to fit the needs of the specific institution

“In balance with your soul”


Vertical can custom design expeditions in unique locations to fit the needs of the specific institution. 
Destinations may include:

Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains are the longest continental mountain range in the world. Over the course of one-week, participants will learn to properly acclimatize like a real High-Altitude Mountaineering expedition. Climbing Cerro El Plomo gives one a incredible view of neighboring peaks including Aconcagua (the highest peak in South America) along with the lush valleys below.


For one week, participants will trek across King George Island, the northern-most island in Antarctica. Roped in together as teams while traveling across the glacier ensures that teams will need to work together to navigate to the next destination. Teams  will get the full Antarctic experience on this island while putting their goals to the test within the unpredictable weather patterns of Antarctica.

Atacama Desert

Known as the driest desert in the world,  Atacama is characterized by its unique wildlife, winding slot canyons, vast plains, and high volcanic peaks. The expedition can lead teams to a summit attempt of a 17,000 ft. mountain with incredible views of nearby mountain peaks. Mountain biking, rock climbing and rappelling are unique ways to explore the many types of terrain in the Atacama Desert.


 One week in any of the above Patagonian regions will be a once in a lifetime experience filled with sharp mountain landscapes, lush Magellanic forests, blue glacial lakes, and the cleanest rivers and streams in the world.  Teams will work together throughout the week in Patagonia to navigate routes, set up camp, and create a dynamic to overcome the many challenges brought on by weather and landscapes.

Patagonia Via Ferrata

This is a world class via ferrata, consisting of two main sections. The first of them is on the way to the summit of Douglas Point through the edge starting from East to West leaving the forest of the normal path that comes from Placeta Vodudahue, it enters the rock and edge of the mountain, in a route with a total built length of 1.2 km, through a clear system of terraces that reaches the top and then it passes to the West to the great terrace and a great viewpoint of the Fjord.

Ecuador Andes Traverse

High-Altitude Trekking, Navigation, Backpacking, Glacier/Snow School, Tent Camping, and Route Finding.

The Ecuadorian Andes are a magnificent setting for trekking between big volcanoes, its unique tropical conditions offer all seasons in one expedition.


Trekking, Navigation, Mountain Biking, Rappel, Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, Tent Camping.

Well known around the world for its unique beauty, on this trip, the Galapagos Islands get to be seen in an absolutely different way. 


We were the pioneers of using experiential learning as a methodological resource in organizational development in Chile. Using this model we have run expeditions all over the world, offered services in education, training and development to more than 120,000 people in Chile, Latin America, the U.S. and Europe.

We think of experiential learning as an inseparable combination of living an experience and then reflecting on that experience, in order to transfer the lessons learned to one’s life. This cycle is proven to be one of the most successful approaches to adult learning and is based on an adaptation of David Kolb´s model of Experiential Education