Douglas Point / Via Ferrata

Located in the wild and lonely lands to the SE of the Comao Fjord and on the north bank of the Vodudahue River, the summit of Douglas Point rises majestically and at dawn, above the forests and rivers of this extraordinary sector of Patagonia entrance north of the Pumalin Park circuit. Its great massif of pure white granite and its dome shape make this hill known as Gorilla, it is a formidable attraction that draws the attention of the Navigator and obsesses the Mountaineer and Climbers Due to its large number of practically vertical walls, the hard approach by the humid jungle make, above all, the capricious Patagonian climate, this peak a great challenge for the ropes that venture to conquer its summit.


This is a world class via ferrata, consisting of two main sections. The first of them is on the way to the summit of Douglas Point through the edge starting from East to West leaving the forest of the normal path that comes from Placeta Vodudahue, it enters the rock and edge of the mountain, in a route with a total built length of 1.2 km, through a clear system of terraces that reaches the top and then it passes to the West to the great terrace and a great viewpoint of the Fjord.

The second is a more vertical ascent of a length of 400 meters armed by a concave wall that is called ¨La Cuchara¨ or ¨The Void¨.

Being this a highly attractive project, the Via Ferrata aims to captivate both national and international mountaineering and climbing enthusiasts, visits that will help promote local development and validate the idea of ​​¨know to value¨ and thus protect nature.

It is important to only practice this activity with authorized guides and certified equipment for this discipline.